MAS 961
How To Make Something That Makes (almost) Anything
March 2, 2009

team presentations

machine control

development division of labor
   CAD (factor graph -> math string): Neil
   rendering (math string -> oct-tree -> graphics): Scott, Taro
   CAM (oct-tree -> toolpath): Steve
   virtual machines (toolpath -> motion control, user): Ilan
   networking (motion control -> motion controllers): Neil
   microcode (network -> I/O): Ilan, Taro
   PCB design and fab: Marcelo
   power electronics, motion control: Kwang
   sensing, input, feedback: Keywon
   motors, actuators: Max
   bearings, guides: Max
   mechanical structure and materials: Steffen, Marcelo
   extrusion: Jonathan, Steffen
   machining: Jonathan
   laser/EDM/...: Kwang
   external assembly: Scott 
   internal assembly: Skylar
   ordering, parts: Keywon
   scaling, fundamental limits: Joe
   accessibility, dissemination: Leah

benchmark tasks
   make a machine circuit board (mill, assemble)
   make a machine mold (mill, print, assemble)
   extrude beams -> buildings
   reconfigurable furniture

   preliminary division-of-labor embodiments
   relevant skills, experience