How to Grow Almost Anything 2021

Principles & Practices Assignments

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Ethics, safety and security are essential considerations throughout (and beyond!) this class. We have therefore designed an assignment this week to give you a strong foundation, and then will ask you to reflect each week and in the design of your final project.

Principles & Practices -  Class 1 Assignment

This is one framework but feel free to make your own

Your context:

Does the option

Option 1:

Option 2:

Option 3:

Enhance Biosecurity

  • By preventing incidents

  • By helping respond

Foster Lab Safety

  • By preventing incident

  • By helping respond

Protect the environment

  • By preventing incidents

  • By helping respond

Other considerations

  • Minimizing costs and burdens to stakeholders

  • Feasibility?

  • Not impede research

  • Promote constructive applications

Principles & Practices - Weekly Homework

Principles & Practices - Final Project Homework

Related Readings and Resources (Palmer)

Related Readings and Resources (Church, Jacobson, Kong)

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Review The Hallmarks of Aging (Carlos López-Otín, et al. 2013)

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