MAS 863: How to Make (almost) Anything

The following are topics covered in the class on fabrication. The notes are being collected over the semester as the material is being presented. Some information may be missing currently.

Design Tools
  Modelling of 3D objects using Blender
Laser Cutter
  Cutting and etching 2D sheets of Acrylic
Waterjet Cutter
  Cutting 2D sheets of just about anything
3D Printing
  Fast, color printing with the ZCorp printer and solid part printing on the FDM Stratasys.
3D Scanning
  3D object creation from physical objects with captured texturemap using the Minolta.
Traditional Machining
  Manual operation of the NC lathe and mill as well as other traditional tools such as the band saw.
NC Machining
  Operation of the mill in NC controlled mode and use of the Modela mini-mill
Analog Electronics
  Basic electronics theory, component overview, and applications
PCB Layout
  Schematic layout and board layout for PCB fabrication using Eagle
Microcontroller Programming
  PIC microcontroller assembly code and chip programming
  Overview of standard sensing, display, and accuation techniques
  Overview of communication media and protocols, including RS232/485, IRDA, IP, etc