MAS 863 - How to Make Almost Anything Fall 2004

Amon Millner

millner [at] E15-020F, 20 Ames st, Cambridge, MA 02142
Weekly Assignments
Custom Controllers
Claytroller status Thanks for a great class everyone. I will continue to work on the Scratch Patch infrastructure that I developed to create the Claytroller, as I hope to make more fun projects using Scratch Patches before I make a kit of Scratch Patch building blocks to youth (and other learners).

* I periodically thought about the Claytroller project throughout the semester - the links below show the most recent progress at the top and the original project idea at the bottom - check them all out to see the full picture of the project

The Claytroller as presented at the end of class

Last Design Phase:

Puzzle PCBs for the Claytroller Infrastructure

Early prototypes:

Claytroller skeleton

Initial vision:

Claytroller flythrough