Assignment #4: "How To Measure (Almost) Anything"

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This week I also worked on a suggestion for an alternative serial connector.


Hello 3 board:


I left the resistor out for the time being.

Tested with the original step program, and it seems to work (obviously, the measurements themselves are not real since the circuit does not have the resistor).

The plan was to make a connectivity tester - something that would beep or light up when we have a link with no devices or resistance in between.
There seem to be 2 possible ways to do it:

Eventually, most of the work this week had been done in learning groups. I worked mostly with the "voltage-meter" group, and learned about how the system works end-to-end. Reverse engineering is an important tool, and we set out to learn by understanding the original assembly and python codes, and modifying them to do what we want.

I've started to do the connectivity tester. After doing the voltage meter, this should be simpler.


Some notes: