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3d scanning and printing: New Years' Eve (work in progress...)
Assignment: Materializing a data set

An addition to project In the Air, this is an attempt to 3d print a surface representing the amount of pollution present in the skies of Madrid on New Year's Eve 2008 exactly at 00:00:00 from data extracted from a public website.

The process consists on the following steps:

-Sensor data is gathered from Madrid's city council sensor station network at desired date and time using a PHP script.
-A Java application parses the data and creates a 3d framework for data visualization.
-Sensor stations are geographically located using its published GPS coordinates.
-Amount of particles is mapped to elevation.
-An interpolation function is used to generate points that allow the construction of a grid.
-Triangulation algorithms are applied to generate a surface.
-Grid data is exported as dxf file.
-File is opened in 3d editor, depth is applied by extrusion, normals are checked and volume is exported as stl file.

Currently developing triangulation algorithms in Java to generate valid dxf files.