Week 2

Plug-in Shelves


Because we have so little space in our bathroom for putting things down, like tooth brushes and toothpaste tubes and soap and nail clippers....
I wanted to make some shelves that didn't need to be hung on the wall but instead made use of the abundance of power sockets next to the sink. This set of press-fit plug-in shelves is made from a power adaptor, leftover acrylic and plywood.

>> Download AI file of stencil

Vinyl-cut Battery Pouch


>> Link to documentation of the Craft ROBO vinylcutter

Using the Craft ROBO vinylcutter to cut the casing from transparent folder dividers and copper foil with adhesive. Needs to still be improved. The conductive connections to the batteries are not tight enough.

Paper version


>> Download AI file of stencil