My plan for the composites week was to create a structure for my telepresence robot. I made an initial experiment with press-fit cardboard as the frame for a leg of the robot and I used Aqua Resin as the composite's resin medium, saturating some stretchy lycra rayon fabric.

The results were excellent. The form was light, hard and strong. I could have removed the cardboard and the resulting composite would have been strong enough to carry the robot's full weight.

Unfortunately we ran out of materials early on in the week. There were no other resins to make use of, so I made my next experiement with HydroStone, the casting material we used in Week 8.

I tried HydroStone because it seemed so similar to the Aqua Resin. Both materials result in a chalky plaster rock. However, it turns out that the HydroStone was much more brittle in thin layers than the Aqua Resin. It collapsed quite easily. I don't recommend using it for composites.