MAS.863: How To Make (Almost) Anything


Week 10: Composites

Wax and Straw

A composite of wax and sisal fibers. It has more strength than the wax alone, but can still crack and break.
Trying to make a ring of the fiber and straw. Again, it has some strength, but will still break if you flex it.
Broken disks.
Covering a circuit with melted wax.
It still works, but the wax is too brittle to be a good case. I like the look, though.
Using a ring of cardboard as a frame to create a net of wax and straw.
The structure, which holds together although the wax is not well distributed.
Molding a hemispherical structure in a tea-strainer that someone left lying in 016.
This results in a birds-nest-like structure that holds together reasonably well.