MAS.863: How To Make (Almost) Anything


Week 1: Modeling a Final Project

An example of a personalizable, fab-able product

Week 2: Laser Cutter

Modular, press fit wooden cars

Week 3: Milling

Making PCBs on the Modela

Week 4: WaterJet and ShopBot

Something not so big

Week 5: Microcontroller Programming

Vagaries of assembly syntax

Week 6: 3D Scanning and Printing

Stars and a Pepper

Week 7: Input

Capacitance Meter

Week 8: Molding & Casting

Cement Buttons

Week 9: Output

Color and Sound

Week 10: Composites

Wax and Straw

Week 11: Communication

IR LED and Phototransistor

Final Project

Fab Radio w/ Found Materials


Fab-able in-system programmer