MAS.863: How To Make (Almost) Anything


Week 1: Modeling a Final Project

An example of a personalizable, fab-able product

The logo and name of the chosen sports team can be etched onto the front panel with a laser cutter.

A custom inscription can be etched onto the top panel.

Abortive early efforts:

Trying to model a servo in Blender.

Experimenting with wrap-around cases for electronics.

This radio is customized for your favorite sports team. It automatically tunes to the station that broadcasts their games and displays the score even when switched off.

This examples attempts to illustrate some of the approaches to product design and fabrication that I'm interested in. I'd like to spend some of my time during this class developing other examples of fab-able consumer products that satisfy the goals below.

Design goals:




redsoxradio.skp (SketchUp)