MAS 863
How To Make (almost) Anything

Vinylcutter, Lasercutter

class archive, site class intros computer-controlled cutting knife laser waterjet hot wire wire EDM vinylcutter applications signs pop-up cards screen printing flex circuits antennas materials knives vinyl masking tape transfer adhesive copper epoxy film (carpet tape) (sandblast stencil) settings force speed cut depth temperature, humidity, ... rollers, feeding weeding adhesion lift vs shear lasercutter applications marking, engraving light.png light.jpg screen printing halftone holes press-fit construction stick-slip, bistability clearance chamfer GIK gik.cad math string gik.png Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation state diagram population inversion gain medium lasing threshold output coupling beam mode, profile, waist diffraction limit gain medium CO2 (10.6 u) InGaAsP (1-2 u) AlGaAs (600-900 nm) Nd:YAG (1064, 532 nm) Ti:sapphire (650-1100 nm) excimer (100-300 nm) cutting mechanisms burning melting evaporation ablation airflow assist exhaust filter kerf models Epilog Universal Beam Resonetics KM Labs safety Class 1 venting cleaning optics supervision air/gas flow fires materials cardboard Edge Crush Test (ECT) 44 wood acrylic [polycarbonate] [metal] PVC flame test settings power speed coordinate system, origin vector, raster CAM printer drivers fab modules (math_png, math_path) png_size, png_scale png_path png_halftone path_ps, path_view path_camm, path_uni, path_epi, ... camm_send, uni_send, epi_send, ... (solvers, scripts, servers) content archive tools, tutorials, processes, projects gurus vinyl cutting: Sarah Witt and Sarah Hirschman laser cutting: Daniel Fourie and Matt Miller assignment design and make a press-fit construction kit lab sections Architecture shop: Nick Gelpi, Skylar Tibbits CBA shop: John DiFrancesco instruction on how to run the fab modules for the vinylcutter and lasercutter.