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This column would show the side efforts, some details, problems, and probabale different prototyes of the same idea.

The first thing to do is to generate the cut files for the water jet to cut.


The Rulefor this weeeks's assignment was to use the waterjet machine in order to create a mid scale model. The test that chose to follow was a siccors like structure structure using 1/32" Aluminum sheet


The cut file conssist of six different struts with the same length. the only difference is in the place of the middle hole tor their connection    

The middle step of the folding.


The out put for the waterjet machine would look like the image. it shows the paths for the machine where to start and where to end the cut, The key factor in cutting is the location of offset around curves which is crucial to the sizes of the holes and members










The next step is to start the machine!


The Structure consists of a two spans of sissors system which follow a parabolc curve and connecting sissors elements which connet the two spans to eachother. The main cahacateristic of this system is that any sectional curve can be translated to the foldabale extruded structure. (you can find the paper here)


The process of cutting with machine.


    The design of the section can be started with any given form. by using the formulas from the same paper the conditions for collapsability would be satisfied.


The proceess of assembly. the first trial for the hinges was to use bolts and screw. this led to the fail experience since each yime that the structure was closed and opened, number of bolts started to fall apart.


The next trial was to use the rivet to cennect the members, which made it possible for the whole structure to perform constantly with regard to the fold change of any memebr.

      Geometrical derivation of foldable units. Again, this method is valid for any type of curve.
Very simple assembly diagram of the the member and connections      
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