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This week's assignment was to build output devices. I chose the stepper motor output to build.


The jumper on the FabISP should be desolder.    

I burned 5 regulators for some reasons : first, I accidentally connected the battery to the board in the reverse order. 2- The FabISP entered more current to the board to burn the Regulator.3- the regulator was not the correct one!!!

The board again was programmed the FabISP while connecting to the battery.


Moving stepper motor    

After programming the theStepper motor was connected to the board.



In the next step I tried to connect the echo board from the previous exercise for programming the microcontroller to the stepper to control the stepper from the compuer interface.



Schematic board for the new design.



I connected the board to the FabISP, but I couldn't programmed it yet, this is part of my final project and is considered as an ongoing exercise.


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