How to Make Almost* Anything | MAS.863

Ella Peinovich | M.Arch Level III, MIT








fabduino pin assignments

Fabduino.03 pin assignments



Image of the new board with added resonator.


As part of learning networking this week. I learned to create serial communication between two fabduinos, or as shown in the video a fabduino and an arduino.



I had to build jumpers using cutting shears, headers, and heat shrink tubing in order to work with the fabduino board, there are some of those iterations.


In order to have a success story this week, I stuck to a very simple operation of using the LED on the fabduino as the output for serial communication.

The goal of the code was very simple:

Touch Pin 2 to ground and the LED blink once
Pin 3 and the LED pulses twice and repeats
Pin 4 and the LED pulses three times and repeats


I feel liberated usind arduino over c, I feel I am actually able to navigate my way through more complex operations.