3: PCB Design, Fabrication and Assembly





Hiro(ya) Tanaka
htanaka(a) sfc.keio.ac.jp






3-1: Soldering

I could attend the Milling Session and the Etching Session.
(But unfortunately I couldn't listen to Vinyl Cutter Session......)

Nadya's workshop materials:

I think I did well for this time, my soldering technique is better than before.
I have not installed WinAVR yet. But my computer recognized FabISP as "Unknown device" from USB....What is happening...

Modella (MDX-20) for milling




David Carr's original Design (Milling) Machine "Mantis9" and original Design software "Camit"

Etching! magic!

FabISP! fantastic!

FabISP!! How do you think about Arduino?

Thank you for David mellis to make a nice document.