10: Final Project Review





Hiro(ya) Tanaka
htanaka(a) sfc.keio.ac.jp






10-1 at the beginning

my first Plan: "Walking Plant(s)" (this appeared in my dream when I was around 5 years old)

10-2 I got Omni Wheels


This class is not "How to buy almost anything" !
This class is not "How to assemble almost anything" !


10-3: I Made Omni Balls

technical point : "Omni Wheel(s)" ---> "Omni Ball(s)"

10-4 Electronic Parts

10-5 New Idea has come.

Last night I came up with a better idea..... that is...

Fab Turtle! ----- a cutting robo which can move according to LOGO language.

(this appeared in my dream when I am 35 years old)

The basic idea is the same, however, the concept is more suitable for the scope of this class than before. Hopefully, FabTurle can make (some parts of) fabturtle itself. This kind of self-replicating (self-reproduction) system is new challenge for designing fabrobo/ fabbots.