13 Network and Communication





Hiro(ya) Tanaka
htanaka(a) sfc.keio.ac.jp






13-1 Xbee (Zigbee) Communications.

For my final project, I have tested X-bee communication (between PC and Arduino/Fabduino).And here is my first prototype of "Fab Turtle"- Fab robot that can move in any direction and turn at the same position.

Servo Motor Test with Arduino + Xbee

Arduino (Fabduino) Tx <------------------------> D-in Xbee(Zigbee)
Arduino (Fabduino) Rx <------------------------> D-out Xbee(Zigbee)

Xbee requires Vcc (3.3v) and Gnd.

X-CTU is indispensable to activate Xbee.