Blinking Microcontroller

Blinking Microcontroller


Again I'd like to thank Brian Mayton and Adam Setapan for helping me out with this project. Brian can seemingly debug at random, passing you in the hallway and Adam came through with huge help while milling the board.

“It was not so very long ago that people thought that semiconductors were part-time orchestra leaders and microchips were very, very small snack foods.”

- Geraldine A. Ferraro
This week we worked with microcontrollers, specifically the ATtiny44. We were supposed to read the manual, edit a board to include a button, and an led, and program them to do something. The original board that I made had some trouble lighting up the led at all. I debugged with a voltage meter and a microscope and determined that everything was working properly.

After that was done, I realized that Neil’s and David’s code was sending over PORTA and I needed PORTB. I switched the code to work over PORT B and DDRA and then magically everything worked.

I was going to program it to blink in morris code when you type a message on the keyboard, but I ran out of time while doing this.

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