Input Devices

Assignment: measure something: add a sensor to a microcontroller board and read it

For this assignment, I learned

[3D print Redo]

I redid 3D print, scaling up my rinds.

[Light sensor]

I decided to test a light sensor that might be used for my final project.
Milling board and stuffing went well.

I tested hello.light.45.c and it showed values.
Next, tried installing pyserial.
make -f hello.light.45.make
make -f hello.light.45.make program-usbtiny
============================================================== (COM port #) e.g. COM25

The first trial did not show any change of sensor output even though we cover the sensor.
I misunderstood the orientation of phototransistor (green was collector), but
after fixing it, my board worked well.
After that, I started thinking about my final project.
Which sensor I should use and which board with which microcontroller I should make.
I read datasheet of Attiny 44, 45 and Mega168.
I decided to make fabduino board and milled it, but the endmill was dull and milled out
thin lines. I will redo it next week.