The Term in Review:   (Highlights)

  1. Snap lighting kit -- Turned out cool.   Final shape details need tuning.Discsplastic_unlitvegas

  2. Plywood bench for tower -- Looks cool.   May need to turn into a guestroom over xmas.tower mockupcutoutassembled
  3. Scan of the tin celing.   (Bummed I didn't get to route/vacuform it somehow.)kitchen holesscan8ball
  4. USB on a ATTINY45 without a crystal.
  5. Code to talk to a USB HID device on Linux.
  6. Upgrades to my circuit board process at home -- each board is a little better than the last.   Very, very little waste.USB_hotplate soldering
  7. Lots of circuit boards of things to try out/finish.   Many are platforms for future experiments/projects.
  8. Quick turn idea, development, test, document interative cycle.

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