4. Make Something Big, Make Something Musical


This week, we were introduced to two heavy-duty machines in the shop - the shopbot and the water jet cutter. The shopbot is good for cutting large sheets of wood or foam, and the wate jet cutter can cut, well, pretty much anything (except cake. Garnet-sludge-encrusted cake is not good eats.)

For the first time, we were using machines that could seriously maim and injure - fun! I’ve been wearing a skin conductance sensor during the day - my excitement level definitely went up the roof every time I went down to the shop.

We were each given a sheet of 4’x8’ OSB plywood to cut on the shopbot. I decided to make a rocking horse that’s shaped like a treble clef. Here’s my initial design, it took a while to figure out how to give the rocking horse a treble clef shape.

A. I should consider a career in making life-threatening children’s toys.

Here’s my final design. To be fair, it looks more like a turtle than a treble clef from this angle...