Something Big (1) - Rocking bench

For this exercise I spent most of the time thinking what should I do, and designing almost five different CAD models, which I wasn’t happy about.
Finally, as the deadline approached, I realized that I am missing the point of the exercise, spending my time in front of the computer and not by the machines.
So, my recommendation for the people who will take this class in the next years is experiment with the machines as much as you can. I wanted to use both the shopbot and the waterjet so I made two projects.
This page shows the rocking bench, the next page shows the light stand.

The design

I knew I wanted to make a rocking chair form the start but I didn’t know what kind.
Finally , I came out with this concept. The idea is to take advantage of the full OSB plate that we got, and make the bench as big as I can.
The bench is built in press-fit concept, and the pieces can slide easily to disassemble it.
Sitting on the bench reinforce its structure.

More Images and video