Roland Modela 20

This week, we'll be milling out a PCB out of copper plate and soldering the electrical components to make a FabISP -- in-system programmer for AVR microcontrollers, i.e. you can control other boards using this circuit. This time, I collaborated with another M.Arch student, Daniela Covarrubias.

Soldering Tools

Modela End-Mill Setup

Image Trace Setup

Milling Issue 1

Milling Issue 2

Circuit Cut Setup

Cutting Copper Plate

1/32 End Mill.

Ready to Clean and Populate


There are a couple of ways...

Populating Board

Start with small components first.

Soldering Flux Pen


Circuit Completed!

FasISP Programming

AVR Green Light + Running script.

Programming: Change of names

Programming: Successful