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final project proposal: week_0  

custom tooling

The charge of the development for the first week was to speculate (given no in-depth knowledge of the skills that will be accumulated over the course of the term) a final project proposal.

In an effort to bring project specific focus to the course I proposed to develop an end-arm tool that would eventually be an extension of the kuka 6-axis robot arm that our group in mediated matter will be working with for various projects.



Based upon a few material systems tests conducted manually the images here illustrate the potential for a spray/pultrusion attachment for the arm. Specifics on the output and material are still in development but the final product aims to incorporate many of the topics to be covered through the course including cad, cam, molding and casting, nc fabrication, electronics, input and output devices, mechanical/machine design, resulting in a final product that produces its own composites.
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