PRESS FIT(n) - (Engineering / General Engineering) Engineering a type of fit for mating parts, usually tighter than a sliding fit, used when the parts do not have to move relative to each other.

Inspired by

The IQlight lighting system is a unique piece of original Danish design, created by Holger Strom in 1973. IQlight is a self assembly lighting system, made up of interlocking quadrilaterals. Lamp shades of various shapes and sizes can be constructed by linking together the identical modules, allowing the end user to build anything from the classical sphere to a completely unique design. (SITE)


Others, like Yoshinobu Miyamoto from Japan, have already explored and distorted the geometric logic of this design ... (SITE)


The main goal for this little project is to test the idea of a press-fit kit of parts that hasn't a main defined purpose, but rather produces multiple shapes. One of the constrains I decided to keep from the IQlight system is the choice of a material admitting flection.

Epilog120W - 70power:30speed



Paper is NOT Plastic...

Slot dimensioning test for 1/32"

No discipline test




Length-based system

Generation logic



The thikness of the accumulated material at every joint did match the slot design. Paper is not plastic; folds are needed to release pressure from the joints. Also in this case, the bottom-up system drawing did not produce a very interesting set of voulmes... it works better for longitudinal proliferation!

Cut Files (dwg)