A machine is a powered tool consisting of one or more parts that is constructed to achieve a particular goal. Machines are usually powered by mechanical, chemical, thermal or electrical means, and are frequently motorized.


For our section we decided to build all together a single machine, so we split up into SOFTWARE, ELECTRONICS, MECHANICS and PRODUCTION teams. Our challenge is to make a small machine that draws in big surfaces, vertical and horizontal, have multiple drawing heads and integrates the tech in its body.

The precedent we are tring to improve is the WINDOW CNC machine that draws in vertical surfaces, that was inspired on HEKTOR, the Spray-Paint Output Device.

First sketches

Overall challenge.




We had some trouble with the modela at the beginning because the sacrificial board seemed ok, but in reallity, it needed to be replaced! So we had some problems with small traces ripped off of the borad at the very last moment...

Traces ripped off because of sacrificial board!

Settings we tested to fix it...

Stepper and Servo boards ready.


While the parts did not arrive we also started some proof of concept mechanisms (helping Andrew) through laser cutting gears and adjusting the motor's holders for the machine body string pulling and releasing system.

Laser cutting gears (1/2mm teeth)


Motor modifications (5/32" drill)


Next steps to laser cut...