How to Make [almost] Anything

Nathan Melenbrink

FabISP In-circuit Programmer

This week we milled, stuffed and programmed a FabISP in-circuit programmer. This involved first milling the board on the Modela, then stuffing it with components and finally programming the board.

  • Materials: PCB stock, electronics components
  • Tools: Modela MDX-20, soldering tools
  • Software: FabISP firmware, MDX-20 fab module
  • Year: 2014

Project 01a
The finished board.
Project 01b
Milling the board from the stock. The fab module considers the origin (X,Y,Z) to be wherever the tool is when the tool path is sent.
Project 01c
The milled board, held in a clamp for surface-mount soldering.
Project 01c
A parts list was written out and the required components were collects and attached with tape.
Project 01c
Surface mount soldering was a new experience, and required much more time and trials than conventional soldering.
Project 01c
The finished board, with the FabISP successfully loaded on the first try.