Week 0 - Introduction and Computer-Aided Design

Task: model (draw, render, animate, simulate ...) a possible final project, and post it own your class page




Instead of a set final project, I wanted to start by keeping the possibilities open. I started to compile a list of ideas that I thought were cool/wanted to make. Some of these might end up being a weekly project. I also wasn't sure if some of these are feasible, so leaving it open. This will be a running list, as well as a resource of links/inspiration/sketches/CAD models/etc. I'll probably update this page throughout the semester with progress to whichever one becomes the final project.

  • synchronized clock wall; 'A million times'
  • a rotational weirdly weighted thing... think epi and hypocycloid
  • prothestic... drill arm?
  • AQUAPONICS~ (in my room! :D)
  • segway, scooter, etc.
  • DUSK - quiet chair pod thing. or with speakers :D... shaped like a scorpion :3
  • integrated lantern/light system in room
  • 360 surround sound? in the pod system thing perhaps? Also program to encode a song so that it sends to different points in the surround speaker system
  • for "something big" --> the stair dresser drawers I wanted for my loft? perhaps plays sounds when you step on it?

  • some motion-control thing with hand
  • train... or other sort of motion system
  • cool ancient pneumatic machines
  • keyboard wallet. connect via bluetooth to speakers or computer? ooh
  • MIDI touchpad controller
  • toroidal chess, both physical device and inner computer controller/player
  • poi/fan/hoop LED program
  • hand DDR
  • interactive/circuit wallpaper (above desk)
  • some tool: drill press, 3D printer, mill, waterjet
  • cool structure that "sings" in the wind due to its architecture
  • spider/scorpion bot
  • sound levitation microarray and newer advancements
  • Big Hero 6 first robot :D
  • piano
  • some sort of radio controlled device...
  • cool folding door/or gear/unclocking mechanism
  • climbing/rapelling device
  • gyroscope