Week 8 - Output Devices

Task: add an outputdevice to a microcontroller board you've designed and program it to do something

LCD Screen

For my final project I want to make a timing system (integrated into my Go Table) which will need an LCD screen to output the time left among other functions. This week I made the LCD PCB and tried to program it.

Making the board

Business as usual. Parts:

Finished board!

In addition to these parts, I had to make the battery plug and LCD plug. To do so, you get the appropriately sized header and clamp in some rainbow wire. For the battery, you should make sure that the V/GND wires match up with the circuit board. For the LCD screen, I looked at the screen's data sheet to match the labels on the board to the screen's pins, and soldered them in.

Programming the Board

Again I had a little trouble burning the bootloader. This time though it didn't work and then I came back to it and it did. Not sure what happened... To start, I used Neil's .c code.

I wanted to take it a little further to get started for my final project, so in C I was able to code a short timer that switches between players

Where to go from Here

Although I was coding in C, based off of Neil's file, there was a good section I didn't understand (and didn't mess with). Perhaps I'll be able to figure it out soon?