Week 9 - Machine Design

Task: make a machine, including the end effector

Lazy Bartender

As a group, our Architecture section decided to build a machine that automatically pours and mixes drinks. I was part of the software team and worked on connecting the back-end and front-end code.

Brainstorming and Building the Modular Machines

As a group we first got together to build the components of the modular machines that we would be using to control position. I helped out with cutting and assembling the outer shell. We then got together and talked ideas. Eventually over email, it was decided that we would make a drink pouring machine!

Software Team

I moved over to the software team and began to code some basic ideas for integrating the backend gestalt and the frontend interface in python. This was before we had details for either of them and also includes some thoughts/brainstorming. Code here.