4. Computer-Contolled Machining

A desk for two.


As you can see from this picture, my roommate and I have some pretty messy desks. Not only that, but the two desks stacked next to eachother look completely different, are hideous, and take up way too much space in our small room. I decided to solve this problem by designing a large desk that will fit along the wall in place of these two. The desk will be almost 8ft long, using a sheet of plywood as the top surface. It will conform to the wall, so the front edge will be the full 8ft, while the back is cut down to about 82in. To keep the apparent size of the desk down, it will be supported along the walls and by two sleder legs reaching out to the left side. Keeping the size down is important to make the desk fit into the wall, and to avoid taking up too much space. I also had to consider the amount of desktop space we need though, and we aren't losing much moving away from the old desks. I've also included a few slots on the top of the surface so wires for computers and other electronics can be run up from the outlet on the wall behind the desk.


I wasn't actually able to get the desk built this week due to a load of other commitments, but I'm looking to get it finished this weekend. I will need to cut the desk pieces on the Onsrud in the architecture shop, then seal and assemble it in place in my room.


So I wasn't actually able to get back to this unit at any point during the semester. I'm incredibly disappointed because I do have experience with the Onsrud in the Arch Shop from taking 4.022. My group decided to mill out a sheet of plastic that could then be folded to construct the tallest tower possible by that method. I spent hours getting to know that machine, so I really was looking forward to seeing what it could do. My problem there is that I had very lofty goals of what I wanted to accomplish during this week and couldn't just settle on something simple to get it done. I kept having to go back to the designs over and over again to tweak them and get them to work, then in the end this is the step I was stuck on. I had intended at least to cut the housing for my final project on this machine, but given the time constraint, status of that project, and continued status of the Onsrud during the weeks leading up to the final, I wasn't able to get it done.