About Me

I'm a mechanical engineer obsessed with cars and product design.

I'm an architect obsessed with construction and industrial design.

How to Make (almost) Anything

Here's the log of how the projects are going each week.

0. Computer Aided Design

My final project proposal is for a modular split flap display. These displays used to be seen in train stations around the world, but are hardly recognized anymore. I'd like to bring these nostalgic little devices up to date with smart connectivity between the modules, without losing their good old fashioned tick.

1. Computer Controlled Cutting

I recently moved into a new room with less storage, so now I have a ton of backpacking gear without a home. I decided to utilize an awkward corner of the room right inside the door and build a reconfigurable gear shelf! Bad puns aside, these shelves could be made in all sizes based on an involute gear pattern and stacked in any area for storage.

2. Electronics Production

This week I followed a design template from the fab class website to mill, stuff, and program a pcb. I guess after two weeks of getting off without two large of a hitch, I was due for some errors.

3. 3D Printing and Scanning

I printed an internally complicated rook on a Form1 SLA printer, then scanned a diecast Corvette using 123D Catch.

4. Computer-Controlled Machining

My roommate and I currently have two large boring desks set next to eachother in our room, and they're hideous. I decided to design a new, large desk that would be able to take their place and make the room look a little better!

5. Electronics Design

I redesigned the "Hello World" board from the fab academy using Eagle, then cut and stuffed the board as in project 2.

6. Molding and Casting

I casted a few low temp metal geometric evergreen tree pendants for necklaces.

7. Embedded Programming

I made the LED blink with the push of a button.

8. Output Devices

I created a board to drive a bipolar stepper motor for my final project.

9. Input Devices

I started by creating the synchronous detection board from Neil's example.

10. Interface and Application Programming

I made a GUI window to take in characters to send out to my split-flap for the final project.

11. Machine Building

The Arch Section decided to make an automatic bartender (to cope with studio stress if I had to guess).

Final Project

I made a prototype for a single module of an old-fashioned split-flap display.