7. Embedded Programming

A blinking LED.

For this week I decided to just simply make my LED turn on when the button on the board was pushed. I followed the example from the website in order to do this, as this was my first experience with going through the programming process for these boards. I did have to change the pin numbers in the code since my layout was slightly different than the example board, but other than that it was fairly self explanatory. Or so I thought... I wasn't able to actually get the LED to flash (or even turn on) as I wanted to. I did test the board using the voltmeter to find that the button was functioning, so I might have just had something wrong with the LED (or with my method of determining this).

In the long run I did get more embedded programming experience using the other boards throughout the semester, which is why I pretty much threw in the towel on this one. I had planned on coming back to it to make it work, but as the semester ramped up I figured I would gain the experience using the other boards in future weeks.