Project 11: Make a Robot

Our group project was a robotic bartender. I was on the rack team, producing the mechanical scaffolding that would be manipulated by the electronics. I had two primary roles in this week’s project.

I was present during the initial sketch sessions in which we brainstormed different ways we could build the rack and talked through several of the issues that came up. Among those were how to balance the drink as it was getting poured and how to design the system without having a good idea of what the actual pouring mechanism would be.

One of my key roles in this session was advocating that we use a red solo cup as the container we would design around.


My other key role was developing the mastercam file for the final design, cutting it out and assembling it with David and Calvin. This was pretty much a repetition of what we did during week 4.


We needed to glue it a bit to get it all together

David and I also did some extreamly unsafe transportation.