Mechanical Engineer | Dancer | Cat Lady

I'm a hands-on engineer thinking about global manufacturing, shoes, and cats- lots and lots of cats. I'm a senior in mechanical engineering, with a minor in Chinese (I decided to keep learning the language after living in China for a year in high school) and am a professional contemporary dancer with the Urbanity Dance and Boston Community Dance Project. I have some experience in digital fabrication already from my mechanical engineering coursework, as well as at my internship at Converse last summer. There I designed and printed a midsole/ outsole and designed, sewed, and molded the upper textiles. Unfortunately, my shoe is alone and in need of a left-hand partner in crime. Perhaps I can make the next generation in this class. I have less experience in electronics, but I'm excited to learn more. I wish to master new skills, hone old ones and broaden my fabrication and programming capabilities. I'm also interested in how personal fabrication relates to mass manufacturing like at Converse- is there more to personal fabrication than mass customization?

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