04 3D Scanning & Printing

design and 3D print an object that could not be made subtractively & 3D scan an object

I used Rhino and the grasshopper plugin to parametrically generate different forms for 3d printing. The grasshopper definition I wrote with the help of great tutorials allowed me to make as many designs as I wanted. I ended up settling with 2 designs for printing.

The final 3D prints turned out alright. One of them was very nice but the other seems to have had some issues probably due to a lack of supports.

I utilized the NextEngine 3D scanner to then scan my form to bring the physical object back to the digital world. Although I can see that you lose quite a bit of information bringing it back there.


rhino > grasshopper > cura > ultimaker 3d printer > NextEnginer 3d scanner > SENSE 3D Scanner