Week 1 2015


A 3d adobe/cow dung printer.

Next semester, I will begin to think about optimal designs for beehives as part of my research, and wish to design beehives using adobe or cow dung. Both adobe and cow dung have very interesting structural properties. I want to be able to design the 3d printer so I can use it as a tool in the near future.

Unknown dimensions
CNC, adobe or cow dung

Skeps, which are baskets placed open-end-down, have been used for about 2000 years. Initially they were made from wicker plastered with mud and dung but from the Middle Ages they were made of straw. I hope to develop a tool that will allow me to explore structures of beehives using adobe and perhaps cow dung.

This week, I realized that what I need to do is design the extruder head. I ordered a Kossel deltabot 3d printer and will begin to design a extruder head. I need to add more sketches and pics!