How To Make (Almost) Anything Projects | Fall 2015

Wax extruder

Final project

A wax extruder for 3d printing

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Week 10

Interface a microcontroller with computer

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Input and Output Devices

Week 8 and 9

Design circuit board that creates an output, and input

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Embedded Programming

Week 7

Design circuit board using ATTiny44 and program it

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Molding and Casting

Week 6

Create a mold for casting multiple objects.

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Electronics Design

Week 5

Design circuit board using ATTiny44

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Big Table

Week 4

A big table CNCd out of birch plywood

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3d Printing and Scanning

Week 3

Scanning 3d objects and printing.

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Week 2

A FabISP in-circuit programmer based on Valentin's design.

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Press-fit Briefcase

Week 1

A laser-cut briefcase.

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Final Project Proposal

Week 1

An adobe (or cow dung) 3d printer.

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