How To Make (almost) Anything

Daphne Basangwa

A little about myself...

Hello. My name is Daphne. I am student at the Harvard Graduate School of Engineering Education (no really, I actually had to correct that) studying Technology, Innovation, and Education. Before this, I was a Civil Engineering student.

I love to cook, sew, quilt, read, teach, sing, clean, play scrabble (not that I'm any good at it. I set the computer to "easy" so I always win), laugh, and learn.

As an engineer, I love physical things, dirt, mechanics, structures, estimations...these are my true passions, and I hope to be able to communicate them one day through teaching and research. I'm really excited about this class. It's the perfect combination of my current skill sets plus lots of learning and lots of challenge. I look forward to a fun semester.

Also, I am from Uganda.