How to Make (Almost) Anything 2015
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Computer-Aided Design

Week 0

Computer Cutting

Week 1

Electronics Production

Week 2

3D Scanning and Printing

Week 3

Computer Machining

Week 4

Electronics Design

Week 5

Molding & Casting

Week 6

Embedded Programming

Week 7

Output Devices

Week 8

Input Devices

Week 9

Interface & Application Programming

Week 10

Group Project

Week 11


Albert Chen
JD candidate at Harvard Law School.

  • Hong Kong

    Shatin College, 2007

  • Ithaca, NY

    Cornell University, BA 2011

  • Paris

    Le Cordon Bleu, Cuisine de Base

  • Washington DC

    Capital One, Digital Analyst

  • Cambridge, MA

    Harvard Law School, JD 2016

  • San Francisco

    Fenwick & West, Corporate/Tax

  • London

    Allen & Overy, International Capital Markets

  • Los Angeles

    Boston Consulting Group

  • The Road