Group Project - Machine Making

Milling and Soldering the Boards

I was really excited about the group machine project. Over the course of the semester I've really come to love and respect the members of the Harvard Section. During our first meeting we voted on three stellar ideas. Eventually we settled on the icing machine. We also subdivided into tasks to get our machine ready for the Dec. 9th presentation date. I was put on the board assembly team. For this task I used the files provided by Nadya to mill and stuff the boards. You can see the early stage of the baord here.

Our Icing Machine + Cake

You can see a final version of a complete board for the machine to the left. It was very convenient to have all of the labelling designed on the board. In addition to my board assembly duties I was put on cake duty. I baked two funfetti cakes - 1 for testing purposes and the other for the actual demo. The goal of our Icing Maching was to use the degrees of freedome to create unique and complex structures. We found that the consistency of the icing was a key factor in our success of our goal. You can see more about our progress by visiting our team project page. Harvard Section's Machine