Input Device- Button Board

Designing in Eagle

I have an idea for my final project to create an interactive meditation necklace to go with my meditation pod. Traditional meditation necklaces are

Milling the Board

Milling the board resulted in a few challenges. First many of the traces I designed for this board were too tight. I used an exacto knife in the post process to seperate traces. Through milling I also realized I had made a great error in designing the board. I did not set the reset pin on the ISP to a resistor.Get the file for the board here: button board in eagle and the schematic here: button board in eagle

Fixing the Board

Once I recognized the problem I realized a quick soldering wire jumper between reset and the resistor would do the trick (see my final project documenation page to see the result). In this photo you can see some of the areas around the mega that I had to fix. The board looks pretty cool with the ring of buttons around the edge. The only design challenge is the ISP header which I needed to place in the way of the button path. I am hoping that during final construction I can desolder the header to create less of a barrier.

Programming the Board

The photo shows the programming conducted in the arduino environment. The simple function of the board as it is - when a button is pushed the coordinating number appears on screen. So when the first button in the loop (counter clockwise) is pushed a number 1 appears, when the second is pushed 2 appears on screen, etc. I am hoping to make this much more sophisticated for my final project. I think this board would be cook if coordinated with sound or lights to enhance the meditation necklace experience.