09 Hall Effect

NOV 24, 2015 ||| Skills: Eagle, Arduino ||| Material: Copperboard, LED, Hall Effect

I want to use a magnetic sensor for my final project as a way to control the LED output, so I first designed a board that utilizes an Attiny44, RGB LED, and hall effect sensor. After that has failed, I backtracked and made four more simpler versions based on Neil's example. After I diagonesed some preliminary problems with my board design I finally got the version that included an LED light on PB3 to work. I first wrote a simple code in Arduino that basically allows the sensor to act as a binary input turning the light on and off. Next, I looked at Neil's code to try to see if i can translate the information using SerialMonitor. However, because Arduino cannot read the values as hexcodes it translates them into gibberish characters. With Rob's help, I used CoolTerm to see that it is indeed working. Next I used a simplified version of the code and have it send a sing byte every half second, which also was working. Lastly, I tried to program the board using an arduino code, but for some reason, the output is only limited to 1, 2, or 3.