echo hello-world board, simple with just one LED and one button:

this week for me was mostly learning to use eagle. a tutorial and some suggestions circulated in the Harvard section e-mail list that were very helpful. here's the link with some broken pictures but helpful nonetheless. and great suggestions that one could either avoid the three traces under the attiny44 (as in the tutorial) altogether or change the wires from .016 inch thick to 0.012 inch, and that one should leave at least .015 inches between wires in the board view to be safe. i tried to make some of my own routings but ended up with a lot of mistakes being totally inexperienced with this. at the end my board ended up similar to the example board in the tutorial.

i found also that i could easily draw 1/32 inch thick lines on another layer (blue) in board view and export it separately as the interior file instead of using an image editing software:

only problem that i ran into while milling was that this piece was loose, which prevented the drill from cutting in deep enough:

once that was fixed (tightened), i ended up with this cute lil thing:

just being organized, ya know...

no problems with soldering really, anymore.

cool! we'll see in two weeks if this is functional.