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Week 0: Computer-Aided Design

Final Project

Fall 2015

FINAL PROJECT I’m on a quest to build a printable, portable, personal brain lab. So, for my final project in this class, I plan to build an EEG. I want it to be cheap, small, and easy for others to recreate. Here is a concept for the overall flow. The major questions will be how to get the right electrodes so the signal is picked up and brought into the circuit and then what to put in the circuit in order to have the signal be detected from both the computer and the phone: Resources I’ll take inspiration from for this project will include: OpenEEG project Some inspiration from an Instructables created generic EEG, ECG (electrocardiography - signal from heart, not brain) circuit is below: If all goes well, we will see actual waves coming off the body that might look something like this: