Elizabeth Ricker learns HOW TO MAKE (ALMOST) ANYTHING

Project documentation for MAS.863, Fall 2015

Hi, I'm Elizabeth! I'm a master's student in Mind, Brain, and Education at Harvard, where I am studying ways to apply what we have discovered in the lab to the classroom. Feel free to get in touch with me by or check out my consulting site.

Please note: Caroline Jaffe lovingly created the design for this website herself from scratch. Check out her site for How to Make (almost) Anything here. I will be transitioning my own site to a different design shortly, so please check back soon to see the new design!


Week 0: Computer-Aided Design

A Tiny Pizza Box

Week 1: Computer-Controlled Cutting

FabISP In-Circuit Programmer

Week 2: Electronics Production

A Ring and a Bust

Week 3: 3D Scanning and Printing

Carrying Case...Laptop Stand

Week 4: Computer-Controlled Machining

Hello World!

Week 5: Electronics Design

Star-Shaped Electrode

Week 6: Molding and Casting


Week 7: Embedded Programming


Week 8: Output Devices


Week 9: Input Devices

Icing Extruder

Week 10: Group Project

EEG: Cheap and Small

Final Project: DIY EEG