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Week 1: Computer-Controlled Cutting

Computer-Controlled Cutting

Fall 2015

This week, we looked at computer aided design. I modified a preexisting box design in Illustrator to make a tiny pizza box. Here’s the design as viewed in Illustrator (it’s an SVG). In real life, after the laser cutter did its magic…Hooray! I made one and the sizing was a bit off – the folding pattern didn’t leave enough room for the lid to come down properly. Back in CorelDRAW, I created more space near the hinges. Also, the cutting was a bit too deep on some of the cuts that should have just been cut partway for flexibility. So, I went back to the design and designated shallower cuts. I made a second one that tucked in slightly better (the one on the left) but I’m probably still not ready to start my own Papa Gino’s, alas. Version 1 and 2 above Design files here: Miniature pizza box in Illustrator