Computer-Controlled Machining

How to make something BIG
Pressfit Arcade

How to use the CNC milling machine

For this assigment, each one of us had one OSB [Oriented Strand Board] board to fabricate something big on the ShopBot CNC Milling Machine. The board was 96in x 48in. Together with my colleague Kreg Hanning we decided to build an arcade for the demo area in our lab (LLK).

Download the files here:
3d Model Rhyno[.3dm]
3D Model Freecad[.fctd]

The Process

  • I first started to look for inspiration and study the the different type of arcade designs that are
    popular and trying to get a sense for the esthetic of of existing cabinets. I found this extensive collection
    of designs and plans organized by name of games
    I found three types of designs: classic arcades, top shelf minimal arcades. One design that really stood out to me
    was this Polycade project

  • For the final version of this arcade we decided to stick with one of the classical cabinet designs but adapt it so it fits better
    the esthetic of the scratch games community. I would also like to include art deco elements that could convey a more artistic touch

  • For making the design I had to learn both FreeCad and Fusion360. Fusion 360 was much more intuitive
    for geometry building and I really like the flow of using midplanes contructions and mirroring shapes
    When it comes to tab building Freecad was the only software where we found a script that would enable use
    to generate the tabs for our entire model.

  • List of tutorials and scripts I used in the learning process:
  • Fusion tutorial to build a shelf: Instructables tutorial
  • FreeCAD laser cut interlocking module