I am a Ph.D studend in Harvard Physics department. My current research interest is quantum transport in 2D materials, esp. graphene. We make miniture devices and look for exotic properties (like superfluidity, which things move without friction) under low temperture (as low as 20mK) and high magnetic field (as high as 45T), regimes that are governed by quantum mechanics. The devices we make are so small that they can only be seen under microscopes and sometimes even too small to be seen under microscopes.

In my spare time, I enjoy making things(or watching other people make things), especially functional machines that comes together with carefully designing and manufacturing (like engines). I am a fan of several fab channels on youtube like click-spring and colinfurze which makes really cool stuffs. I once built a working steam engine when I got trained in Harvard machine shop which I really enjoyed, the moment that all pieses come together was amazing. I have a ambition to build a model turbo-jet engine sometime in the future. Besides fabrication, I am also an enthusiast of photography and currently (slowly) learning to play piano.

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